By the time The Chadwicks had come to see us, they were resolved to split up and they had done a ton of work to lead to that resolve. They had amicable split their mostly shared assets, they had told their remaining parents who were understandably heartbroken, they had hosted a dinner party and invited all their friends to tell them, and they had gotten and set up a second apartment – in the same building.

“We want to dissolve our marriage so that we are both free to explore the rest of the world” they told me, “but we still love each other and we’re not ready yet to separate physically.”

So the divorce was very unremarkable – they had actually done our job for us pretty much.  And now they co-own a furniture refurbishing shop in the storefront downstairs of their condominium building.

They’re pretty much the best case divorce scenario I have ever witnessed!

Love is real, even if it doesn’t always look the same way and even if marriage isn’t always the right act between people.